The Tower of the Dreamshadow

Built into a black shard of death-made-form, this tower and the surrounding region of the Negative Energy Plane are the abode of the Dreamshadow, a being of nightmare and hunger obsessed with growing more powerful by consuming lives and souls. It holds captive many creatures both lowly and mighty, either fed to it by its ally, Orcus, or captured by its minions as their decrepit souls wander terrified in the darkness of the Death Plane.

This module is structured to present a party of characters 18th to 20th level with a tough but survivable challenge; it is optimized for a party of 5 18th-level characters. Ideally, it is used to challenge a high-level party with a quest to recover the soul of a fallen ally which has become trapped in the Negative Energy Plane for a reason appropriate to your campaign. The example presented in this module is Nymurrh the Bronze, an ancient bronze dragon from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, who in the background of this module was slain by powerful necromancy and became trapped in Dreamshadow’s domain; but any other NPC could easily take his place.

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