40×30 Multi-Level Battlemap – Cliffton Village

Cliffton Village

A village clings to sheer cliffs, far beneath which winds a river surrounded by scrub and thick fog. Two wooden drawbridges span the deep chasm, separating the town into North and South Cliffton. 

Shops and tall buildings rise above smaller living quarters and alleyways in this many-storied city. 

The air is fresh here and you can hear the cries of birds echoing through the canyon below. Many of them nest in the cliffs, and sometimes local children scale down them in search of the eggs, or chicks to sell in the market. 

Adventure Idea

You find a middle-aged man lying on a forest road, clasping his bloody hands over a stab wound in his gut. Lying next to him is the cold body of a golden retriever—you can see the blood where she dragged herself from where she was injured, so she could be close to him when she died. 

Left for dead after a brutal robbery by bandits, the man begs you to hunt them down and kill the robbers for what they did. He had been on his way to sell a family heirloom to buy medicine for his mother. Not only did they kill his Lola, they stole his hope of healing his mother as well. 

When they left, he heard a woman with fiery red hair and a red-wolfskin cape tell the group that their next stop was the Flying Fish tavern for drinks. She was the one who the bandits gave the heirloom to. 

Arriving at the tavern, you hear loud howling coming from two tables of heavily armed teenagers. They are joking about a man and his bitch who was stupid enough to not pay for their protection… But the woman the man described isn’t there. 

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The leader of the bandits is a low-level fire mage, who instills the young men with the confidence they need to commit their crimes. She is seductive and charming. In her honor, her followers call themselves the Red Wolves. 

While her minions are off getting drunk in the tavern, she is selling the heirloom to an antiquarian on the other side of Belford’s Crossing. If you interrogate the men in the tavern they’ll put up a fight but eventually tell you where she is. If you kill them, you’ll need to ask the other witnesses.

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