An adventure inside a gigantic tree!

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The adventure leads the PCs to a gigantic tree entity in the forest that’s been infested by a colony of spiders, myconids, and some goblins. The spiders are the real threat, though. If it’s not super obvious already, this is based on Ocarina of Time’s first dungeon. And we’re doing stand-ins for the other two “young link” dungeons later this month. Don’t worry, it’s just inspiration and all of them will be stand-alone adventures.

This is a LARGE dungeon, spread out in two illustrations, this is the first one of those. The second one is coming a day or two, along with the finished adventure! This is a 37×30 squares Roll20-optimized dungeon map!

This is going to be featured in our upcoming adventure Plague from Within! Here’s the cover for this adventure, to be released on March 12th.

Here are two close shots of the first level of the tree dungeon:

In this other section, there are predatory myconid life forms, and spiders!

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