February Contest Results! First look at April Release!

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First things first, let’s take a look at the results of the February 3D Art Gallery!

In February you turned out to be less shy and a huge amount of interesting works showed up in our Facebook group and on discord! Congratulations to all participants! We hope that each month more and more of you will join the contest. Nevertheless, we have had to pick out the top entries.  Let’s take a look at the most interesting works from February!

“3D Art Gallery” (“Plastic Addicts”) Contest Winners

1st place WINNER! – Franz Altermeier
Reward: Anycubic Photon 3D Printer

Runners up – Maria Zur Nedden, ChrisPForrest, Andrea Torchio
Reward: Anycubic Resin

Congratulations! Contact us through PM to claim your Rewards!

Also, congratulations to everyone who admitted their entry. It takes a lot to pour your heart into the art and show it to others. We hope to see you in the next edition that is already running!

New “3D Art Gallery” Rules Reminder
We will be awarding the works that will impress us the most. You are allowed to enter any artistic project you think of that includes Titan Forge or Cyber Forge miniatures – a diorama, a paint job, an animation, a new printing technique, and more! To do so it is not required to have a perfect technique. Sometimes the idea and the originality mean more to us than perfect NMM (although it helps:). If you want to learn the full rules, check out this post!

Contest Winners – Resin Junkies

Reward: Anycubic Resin

We have randomly picked five winners.

  • Adam Marciniak 
  • Jared Rutledge 
  • Nick Mort
  • Maria Zur Nedden
  • Karakhal

Congratulations! Please contact us here on Patreon via PM to claim your rewards!

If you are looking for a chance to win in Resin Junkies in March too, it is very simple! Each month post at least one picture of a printed miniature in either the Facebook or discord group! The more you print the more resin you can win!  Share your printing results to win more printing material!

We are very excited to show you the first images from the April Release!
This release will be connected to one of our biggest collections but will have its own unique theme. Interested? Look out for more sneak peeks in the following updates or…
Take a guess what it is if you have an idea already!

TF Crew
and as always Happy Printing!


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