The free Foundry and EncounterPlus modules have been updated!

This material was posted on patreon by Milby’s Maps

Foundry’s elite module beautification consultant, Cobalt, was nice enough to help out and give me some tips on walls and lighting and so forth, which has improved the module considerably. There are no new maps in there, but a few of them are higher-resolution than they were before and the walls and doors are much nicer. I even redid a few from scratch.

All these changes have carried over to the EncounterPlus module as well, since it is, after all, the Foundry module’s offspring.

  • Luke B. did the original walls and doors for almost all of the maps.
  • Cobalt gave me a tremendous amount of very helpful feedback and did some tinkering with the database files that would have resulted in the module’s complete incineration if I had attempted it myself.
  • And Matt C. gave me tons of feedback on the E+ module, which was crucial in working the bugs out, since EncounterPlus only runs on MacOS and I am not legally cool enough to own an Apple product.


You can install the Foundry Module with this manifest URL and you can download the EncounterPlus module here.

NOTE: If you already have the free Foundry module, you should know that the name has changed and, if you update it, it will install a new module called “Milby’s Maps Free.” You can delete the previous one, called “Milby’s Maps Free Module” if you want. Or keep it for sentimental value, whatever.


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