The Oracle : Feb 2021 Edition

This material was posted on patreon by GMD Online

Since our website is down due to a fire at the datacentre. I have decided to add the Oracle for downloading here.

With the website down means, all the rewards are inaccessible currently. I know it is annoying, I hope that they get it back up and running in a few days. 

Meanwhile, here is the latest edition of The Oracle!

This month:

  • Rewards Review
  • GMD Online Product Review
  • Action Encounter: Riders in the Mist
  • Two lots of Fan Fiction
  • Artwork news
  • Comic News
  • Bloodbowl League News
  • and so much more!

This month there are 50 pages crammed with goodies!

Without your support I could not have made this product, I am grateful for your belief in me!



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