Announcing: Music d20 Foundry Playlists

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Here’s how it works:

  • Each month, I will release one Foundry module that consists of a themed playlist filled with looping tracks that fit that theme. This month’s theme is “Skirmish,” filled with tracks that help you score standard combat encounters. 
  • I’m including the module for free. Here’s the manifest URL.
  • In the future, all patrons at my Virtuoso Tier or higher will be given a secret manifest URL that you’ll be able to simply copy and paste into Foundry to download the newest module each month. 
  • As my library grows, so too will my selection of themed Foundry playlists. This month will help you handle standard combat, next month might help you run city encounters, and then maybe pirate-themed adventures, or spooky ambiences. There’s new content constantly!
  • I’ll be updating the Master Spreadsheet with a guide to which tracks end up on which Foundry modules, so you won’t need to go searching endlessly for that one track.
  • If you have any questions about how to get this to work, ask me! I almost certainly won’t know the answer, but I’ve got a bunch of Foundry expert buddies who will, and I will ask them for you.

For those of you who don’t use Foundry or prefer to build your own playlists, you have nothing to worry about. Nothing else about Music d20 is changing, and my reward tiers are remaining unchanged aside from this single addition. I’m extremely excited to have finally figured out the technical wrinkles and to have devised a release format and schedule that makes sense to me.

Also, perhaps it goes without saying, but please use Foundry. It is an extremely good virtual tabletop that solves many of the problems that still plague its competitors despite them all having a massive head start. On a personal note, Foundry’s creator is a patron of mine, and he’s just an incredibly friendly and help guy. Thank you, Atropos!


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