Caldera is a Three-Act adventure for Beta Clearance Storm Knights set in the fantasy realm of Aysle as well as the cinematic reality of Core Earth. The dark mage Phrestus has begun a cataclysmic ritual that could change the course of the entire Possibility War and must be stopped.

The heroes must rescue allies and infiltrate into the very heart of High Lord Angar Uthorion’s power – the City of the Dead and navigate a treacherous wizard’s tower filled with treasures and traps to discover the nature of this ritual and how to stop it. If they are in time!

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Three Acts of adventure that span from the Land Between to Aysle and even Core Earth.
  • Information on the city of Liverpool, the heart of the Army of the Dark in England.
  • Statistics for new monsters such as Manes, Harpies, Mana Hounds and Magma Elementals as well as numerous NPCs to add to your campaign.
  • Streamlined stealth rules for large groups
  • Hi-Res battlemaps for the final encounter usable for virtual table tops
  • Tokens and Threat Cards for two of the primary Threats

This product is priced at $6.99


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