Drop In Fantasy Maps: Village Map 1

Drop In Fantasy Maps: Village Map 1

So you have a village on your campaign world and you already have a name for it, you already know what sort of folks inhabit it, and you have some ideas on how to work it into the adventure… but you need a map. This product serves that need.

This drop in village map features the following: a basic version of the map without numbers, a numbered version of the village map, a gridded off version of the basic map to show space (each square is equal to 10 feet), a blank map key page that allows you to enter the types of village locations, and another version of the map key in which the map designer has entered in their own suggestions in case you need some ideas on how to populate the village.

All of these items are laid out in the following page format:
Page 1- Cover page (with sneak peak of the map itself)
Page 2- Basic Unnumbered Map
Page 3- Map with Numbers of Important Locations (49 total counting a bridge)
Page 4- Gridded Off Version of the Basic Map (Each square equals 10 feet- Note: Some of the icons on the map, such as wells and chimneys/fire holes are a bit larger than life to show detail in a manner that is easy to see- the GM may wish to relocate these a bit (for the wells) or ignore on the gridded off version)
Page 5- Blank Map Key
Page 6- Map Key with Designer Suggestions

This product is priced at $2.00


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