Elven High Magic; Arselu’Tel’Quess

To elves, magic is less a power or force to manipulate and more an energy source and something that permeates their entire existence. To separate elves from their magic is to pull a fish from the water or rob a scholar of his ability to read. To an elf, magic is as everpresent as life itself, and the use of it in common spells, as well as High Magic, is almost as much a religious experience as communing with the Seldarine. Perhaps the elven affinity for magic helps explain their longevity and other special abilities, though the elves prefer not to comment.

Elves understand the Weave, the mystical balance of forces and energies that govern magic on Toril, and even those elves whose preferences lie with swords can feel it surrounding them at all times. As humans strive to understand the nature of elven dark vision (called “infravision” by humans), some have theorized that elven eyes are attuned to the Weave, and in darkness, they see the energy of untapped magic flowing through and around objects, people, and places.

Magic is as natural a thing to elves as water, air, and the earth below. It is yet another abundant natural asset available to elves in this world, and they use it without disruption, as they do any other resource. Just as humans learned to use water and wind to turn mill wheels, elves tap the magic and cast spells to make their lives easier as well. Humans embrace the physical world, relying almost entirely on physical tools and physical solutions; elves embrace both worlds, using physical and magical tools and like resolutions.

In this document, there are 3 options to create Elven High Magic users in your games;
– A brand new class with 4 distinctive subclasses.
– A subclass that can be used under the Wizard class.
– A prestige class that can be used with any full-caster class.

In addition, a total of 20 brand new spells under 3 Elven High Magic rituals and their own rules about how to perform can be found in the document.

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