The Town of Zetrent

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Zetrent was once a small fishing village. When the cities to its north and south started to grow, so did the little village. It become a common place for people to on their travels between Darlon and Hotlon. 

The Church if Ylana, the Goddess of Havest, is located near on town square. Mother Auriane is the leader of the church. She’s a tender young woman with her heart devoted to the community of Zetrent.

In the Townhall resided Lord Lucrèce, the lord of Zetrent. He can often be found in his study. Lucrèce prefers to stay inside and carefully tracks all the gold to goes in and out of the town. 

Asha is the town’s herbalist. She provided cures for diseases and claims to speak with the nature spirits in the region, making sure that they are not upset.

Tonius’ General Store is a popular shop in town. It provides all sorts of wares that one might need, though the quality of Tonius’ products leaves some things to be desired.

The Zetrent tavern & Inn caters to travelers of all sorts, from wealthy merchants and adventurers to poor farmers hoping to sell their harvest in the big city. 

The warehouse is located on the south side of town. it was originally a small building where the town could store its fish, but as the village grew into a town, the building was extended to be a warehouse where the merchants’ good could be stored. Lucrèce keeps a close eye on the storage at all times.

The blacksmith, Laure, lives in the northern part of town. Her family has provided smithing services for decades, and she is currently the owner of the town’s smithy.

The docks used to be used by the town’s fishermen. These days they’re mostly used to load and unload cargo to and from the cities to the north and south.

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