Tome of Horror and Madness

From the depths of the void and depraved minds.

Tome of Horror and Madness introduces two new ancestries, five new Expert paths, and four new Master paths. All ripped from the inner depths of the void and several broken and depraved minds.

  • The Swarm Infestation: An ancestry that is a swarm of parasites that have taken over any living creature and uses them as their puppet.
  • The Void Parasite: A powerful ancestry where a parasite from the void has taken over a creature that becomes stronger the more corruption they gain.
  • Consumer of Corruption: You feed on the corruption staining souls and use the power to inflict pain on others. An Expert path.
  • The Iron Lord: Iron and steel are your drugs, your skin, your everything! Trading their sanity for metallic modifications, the Iron Lord is a formidable, but often insane Expert path.
  • Mad Piper: You draw on an unknown power to weave music and song more effectively, but with the risk of going mad. An Expert path built around the Song tradition.
  • Symbiotic Infestation: A creature from the void has bonded and formed an uneasy alliance with you, beneficial to both. An Expert path.
  • Truth Seeker: The truth is out there! But should mere mortals really access the truths of the universe? A versatile Expert path that can manifest knowledge, skill, and power by delving into universal truths.
  • Blood Letter: Power through pain! Blood Letter is an Expert path that absorbs the pain of others and gives it to their enemies.
  • Esper: There is a limitless psychic power inside you, threatening to consume you and the world! If only your mind could handle such power… A maddeningly powerful Master path.
  • Psycho Killer: You are insane. And not the good, enlightened kind. You thrive while in a psychotic rage and love to murder others. A mentally depraved Master path.
  • Taxidermist: A Master path for those who want to graft body parts from other creatures unto themselves to become stronger, or in their own words, perfect!
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