Announcement/Advertising: MARCH release – Frozen Wasteland from Mini Monster Mayhem

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Frozen Wasteland Includes:

  • Queen of the Glacial Depths —3 stage variations
  • Undead Ice Serprents —2 variations
  • Arctic Owl Wanderer
  • 2x Arctic Wolves
  • Remorhaz  —2 head variations —2 base variations
  • GrimHulks —Grimhulk jumping —Greyback Grimhulk victory of Draco Hydra —Elder Grimhulk idle pose holding dead stag
  • Imperium Polar Bear solo
  • Imperium Polar Bear with 3 riders
  • Frost Giant solo
  • Undead Mammoth solo
  • Frost Giant Riding Undead Mammoth
  • Frost Bitten Berzerkers —4 variations
  • Arcane Black Dragon (armor plate version)
  • Arcane Black Dragon (scaled version)

Whats More you get:

  • 40% off MyMiniFactory store.
  • Large Welcome Pack
  • Painting competitions (Win 3d printers / Resin)
  • Sculpting videos | Concept art | Q & A
  • Discord Community


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