Devilarium: Shepherd of Moths – a Zgrozy supplement

The first scenario Zgrozy published was Shepherd of Moths – a story of an unfathomable entity that wants to infest humans with knowledge of the cosmic terrors and about researchers who drag the investigators into a conflict centered around this creature.

 Shepherd has been surprisingly successful, we’ve been hearing stories about games it appears in for almost two years now.

This free supplement is an excerpt from the scenario, a description of the Shepherd itself and of the visions it can bestow upon the investigators. We’re releasing this excerpt to celebrate one thousand downloads of the scenario (in all its language versions) – it’s the second supplement in Miskatonic Repository history that became so successful and the first one that wasn’t originally written in English. We hope this release will help Shepherd haunt even more of your games.

Devilarium: Shepherd of Moths is a release in the Zgrozy line. To find out more visit our Facebook page (/ZgrozyEN) or see our other English releases. Further releases will follow soon. “Zgrozy” is a slightly archaic Polish word for “Horrors” or “Terrors.” Following advice from English-speaking Cthulhu fans, we decided to keep the original title for foreign releases since it sounds suitably unspeakable and blasphemous to non-Polish ears. You’ll find a file with the correct pronunciation of Zgrozy attached to the supplement!

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