FREE MINI – Kickstarter – Princesses got angry !!!

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About Kickstarter:

Here we are! In another crazy project!

Yes, this time the project is really peculiar! In our family we have 4 nieces and of course they are super in love with princesses, and various fairy tales, that they make us read or see on repeat! At a certain point we asked ourselves what would happen if the princesses weren’t so sweet and cute anymore, but they would get angry and go crazy?

And here is the result!

In addotion we discovered that the classic fairy tales, the original ones, are anything but cheerful, they are dark and disturbing!

Another good reason for our girls to go crazy!

About Autors:

Crosslances studios is founded by 3 artists and their commons passion for the world of games. Students at the Comics courses in Florence, made by the greebo games sculptures, they approached the world of miniatures. It has actually become a revelant studio in the world of miniatures and digital miniatures prototyping. Our products can be found in many places, we had collaborations with: Labmasu, Megalith Godslayer, Hidden Dreams, Minuteman miniatures, Fireforge , and many others.


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