SM15 A Scientific Discourse on the Nature of the Universe

This is not a normal RPG style production.  In fact, if you have no interest in World Building or Physics then it is probably of no interest to you whatsoeverThe “Universe” of the title isn’t even the real Universie but the FRPG style play setting Universe of the World of Barnaynia. 

This product is in the style of a scientific paper written by two fictional scholars bearing a passing resemblance to the real authors.  It is a protracted piece of navel-gazing illuminated with some amusing side-lines, all set in the Bizarre World of Barnaynia and the Land of the Young.  The basic premise is to look for some scientific basis for the extraordinary nature of the world of Barnaynia and its relationship with it’s Sun and visible universe….

This is probably quite silly but if you are still reading this then you might well find it amusing and/or interesting, even thought provoking.  It won’t take you long to read and it’s less than a dollar… why not?

This product is priced at $0.99


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