Loreweaver Map Pack 2: Cold as Ice

Cold as Ice  is a collection of 4 maps with free variants for you to slot into your games.

If your module has given you an encounter but no map to accompany it, or you need to chuck a random encounter at your players, Loreweaver has you covered.


Each Loreweaver Map Pack contains four full colour maps in two variant forms (e.g. different time of day, seasons). Each map can be used independently but are all based around a core theme.

This map pack’s theme is Cold as Ice, involving a range of artic settings. The pack includes:

  • A winter market
  • A frost giants tomb
  • A dead forest
  • A snow covered bridge


Each map comes in both gridded and grid-less form to suit every play style and letting you focus on your game.

This product is priced at $2.00


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