Mission Reports Volume 3

Orpheus was crafted as a bold experiment in tabletop roleplaying games. Each book in the series advances a broad and world-changing metaplot in addition to introducing new systems and mechanics. Individual troupes may decide to introduce metaplot elements at their own pace, change the presentation of events, or ignore the metaplot entirely, keeping the focus of the game on the paranormal investigations carried out by Orpheus Group.

Each supplement released for Orpheus includes a number of missions, which are presented as in character handouts representing Orpheus case files. These missions are presented in a standard format and designed largely to spark the Storyteller’s imagination for creating and running investigations.

Mission Reports Volume 3 seeks to flesh out two mission write-ups from the Orpheus core books, providing a wealth of information for the Storyteller to use to create an immersive and enriched experience at the table.

Mission Reports Volume 3 contains:

  • Expanded character handouts for Mission #0771 from the Orpheus core book.
  • Expanded character handouts for Mission #0843 from Crusade of Ashes.
  • Options for resolving each mission.
  • 10 NPC stat blocks including three living characters and seven blips!


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