Temporarily Discounted Product: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs (OGL)

The race is on to discover the lost treasures of ancient Osirion, seat of the Pharaohs of antiquity. Scoundrels, archaeologists, Pathfinders, and foreigners scour the sand-choked pyramids and temples of this once mighty kingdom. Pathfinder Companion: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs provides a comprehensive overview of Osirion from its star-crossed ancient history, to its treacherous modern politics. A complete gazetteer of the nation�s teeming, monument-laden capital of Sothis provides a great resource for player characters from�and for Game Masters running campaigns set in�the pulp-inspired nation of Osirion.

This product is produced by Paizo and is priced at $9.99 but is currently discounted at Game Kastle to the priced of $5.99


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