Shaman 5e 2021

I made this 5e Shaman class because I LOVE LOVE LOVED the 4th edition Shaman. I have been a Dungeon Master for the past 9 Years and I have done my best to balance and transcribe and playtest this class. I believe it rivals others without stomping on anyone. This is incredibly unique because the powers available to a Shaman in 4e were so unique. I put months of work into this, please consider buying it for yourself or for a friend who might like to play it!! This includes 12 full pages of features, professional level art, and 18 new thematic and balanced spells to keep THIS Shaman class from just being a copy and pasted druid spell list like SO MANY others I have seen. 
If you purchase this and like it, please tell a friend! I would love to be a content creator for a living and as a DM of going on 10 years, this is my passion. Thanks!

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