VTT Tokens Mega Pack

This mega-pack of tokens for virtual table tops contains just over 700 different objects and components to use for your gaming sessions. Everything from modern furniture, fantasy items, cars, plants, litter, chests, and more is included with this.

Every file is a hi-res PNG with a transparent background. They are also labeled and organized so whatever object you need is easy to find. Import these into your favorite VTT software, or use them with a graphics program to add interest to your own maps and tiles before you print them. The ZIP file contains every object that was used in our gaming maps. This is an invaluable resource for anyone creating their own games.

All images in this product are ©2021 by Frank Walls and are for personal use only. These may not be sold, or used in any product you plan on selling. Have fun, and game on!

tokens preview

This product is priced at $35.00


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