Werewolf of Selûne – Developable Character Option


Lurking through the foggy night, with huge hands, wide fangs and hairy body the wolf-like abomination sees you. As it slowly creeps up to you, you are sure that it will be the last thing you see on this plane. A loud howling emits from the way too big mouth of the creature as you realise that it wears a newly crafted plate armor, engraved with seven blueish stars. The abomination towers over you, as it hands you a moonstone that has 2 female eyes engraved. Another loud howl, the patting of big feet and you are alone again.

Ei Gude,

for one of my campaign’s players I homebrewed some character options for playing a werewolf. I didn’t want it to be too OP and it should still feel as a curse. Since the player (half-elf life cleric) is under the service of Selûne, I made it possible to develop this ‘curse’, through prayer and any special favours to Selûne (like (re-) building a monastery in her name or something similar). Feedback is very welcome!