Alone in the White (English)

“Alone in the white” is a masterless role-playing game, for 2 to 4 players, part of the “Essentials” series.

It is a solitary and touching quest for the last polar bear in the world.
Following simple and quick rules, each player will be able to tell the story of their emotional journey.

The game itself will give you the opportunity to explore themes such as loneliness, journeying and introspection.
You won’t need any prior study or knowledge: just read the rules and answer some quick and simple questions to create your character.

Will you be able to find it? Or will you go back to your daily life? Where will the journey really take you? The outcome is uncertain, you’ll discover it during the game.

All you need is a deck of palying cards each. The cards will be your guide in describing the events that your characters will experience.
You also need pencils, a copy of the character sheet on which you will design your character, depending on the choosen Archetype. Your Archetype’s traits will affect your character along the journey, will alter their destiny and maybe take them to their final destination.
The game is suitable for a long playing session or for two short ones, for an average time estimated around four hours.

This game offers you the opportunity to reflect on some very important environmental and social issues.

Will you be able to find the last polar bear and also to find yourself?

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