Candlekeep Compendium of Greater Specters (Adventure) (DM tools)

Time for a horrific mystery! A mighty specter is causing chaos and stalking the heroes. Its exact nature, its motive, and its weaknesses are unknown. In order to have a fighting chance, the adventurers must find the Candlekeep Compendium of Greater Specters, a book on powerful ghosts which – if used smartly – allows one to conduct a proper arcane investigation. Use the lore and description within this book to ascertain the nature of the enemy, and determine what Exorcism Ritual might weaken it… But beware: if you get it wrong the Specter gets angrier and stronger!

Inspired by the video game “Phasmophobia” (by Kinetic Games), this adventure asks the Dungeon Master to pick their favourite Greater Specter out of a list of seven different possible culprits, and to give the tables of clues in this document to the players once they have found the Candlekeep Compendium, so that they can begin investigating, speculating, and plotting. The Monster is CR 13, appropriate for 10th level adventurers, but it is reasonable to run this adventure for lower-level characters (it is a horror story after all…).

(The Spirit Photographs of William Hope used as product cover are in the Public Domain)

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