Champion (Fighter) – Balanced by Baraz

Game balance : the various revised Champions we have seen tend to either lack game balance or break the simplicity that this class must keep.  Here, we have made sure to keep it simple, in fact maintaining all the SRD features, while making this subclass more attractive in the face of the other official Fighter Martial Archetypes (Arcane Archer, Battlemaster, Cavalier, Dragon-Banneret Knight, Echo Knight, Eldritch Knight, Rune Knight, Samurai).  We believe this version of the Champion makes it a worthy warrior, notably at levels 3, 7 and 10, while remaining balanced.

It is our experience that no one ever mentions the existence of the Champion subclass.  The D&D community often claims it is a good class for new players, yet how many experienced ones would play it for a whole campaign (except to multiclass).  News players given the Champion by their DM will probably want to change class after a few sessions.

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