Corner Arena (30×30) (Sharn)

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There’s everything from plain battlefields with various tactical walls, holes and water, to a couple of mazes, we have chess, dance and even some maps set in another setting which could work as some fun fortress-encounters out in the grasslands, be it as a sporting event or actual sieges. Last there’s some large variants which is loosely based on the sporting events: Hrazhak, Quidditch and Griffon Skyblade, by suggestion on Discord.

Some of the reason why I didn’t want the poll this month to include Sharn was that I was already thinking of producing this arena. The many pathways into the arena are based on the same layout as the Sky Bridges pack I released last month.

Disclaimer: Truth be told, I started creating an arena before I placed it in Sharn specifically, so it might not fit Cornerstone specifically.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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