Madam Maze’s Cabaret of Carrion Delights

Deep inside the bowels of an Elderwolf god lies a crumbling cabaret. Like an intergalactic traveling circus, the cabaret is constructed from ingested realities, only the truly bizarre and profane making the cut. Haunted monasteries stand side-by-side with chateaus run by monstrous flies. Preceding over the amusements is the mysterious Madam Maze, and she has a business opportunity for you.

She hands you a spool of Alchemist Twine and offers you riches and safe passage back to your reality if you can frankenstein together a new act for her. Use whatever limbs from forgotten entities you can find still roaming about her kingdom. Time is running out and the seedier elements of her cabaret are awakening. Stretch Lords sharpen their fingers and Hemogoblins sniff the air for blood. Can you make it out in time or will you be consumed by the madness?


Madam Maze’s Cabaret of Carrion Delights is a system neutral 2-shot RPG located inside an Elderwolf. A cross-genre of horror and intergalactic absurdity, it provides a unique explorable setting that bursts with character and challenges.

• Highly-detailed keyed isometric maps for every location

• Multiple adventure hooks spread throughout

• Over 15 high-quality original art pieces

• Clear layout that balances flavor with function

• Numerous micro-tables of molds, cabaret acts, ingredients and corpses

• Even a soundtrack accessible through a QR code on the back!


This product is priced at $4.99


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