Midnight Goblin Solo Gamebook – Hero Kids Compatible

Go on a quest to steal an important artifact from the human village of Greenfalls. The goblin chief is counting on you to cause chaos. When you arrive to the village, however, you learn that the humans are not the evil monsters that you believed them to be. What will you do? Will you listen to your goblin chief, and steal the artifact anyway, causing a war? Or will you do what you can to make peace with the humans? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Based on the fantasy gamebooks that were popular in the 80’s and 90’s, this book allows you to make multiple choices and decisions about how your adventure unfolds. Have a few dice ready as you roll for skill checks and combat encounters.

Designed for kids 10+ to read on their own. Parents can also read the book to a younger child and have the child make decisions in the story and roll dice.


1) 5 possible endings to the main storyline.

2) 5 different goblin classes/character builds to choose from.

3) Choose 1 of 6 skills for your goblin. Some of these skills, such as lock picking, open up additional options/choices in the narrative.

4) The village of Greenfalls can be explored in any order you wish, as you search for clues to find a dwarven artifact.

5) Two books, The History of Greenfalls Volume 1 and 2, can be discovered and read. It will take two playthroughs to find both books.

6) More sections/gamebook paragraphs than any of our other solo gamebooks yet!

7) Rules fully bookmarked.

Requires the Hero Kids core rulebook to play.

Hero Kids is a trademark of Justin Halliday and is used with permission. No
challenge is intended.

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