Star Battles: Solo Planet Space Battle Map (VTT)

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From its parent stars, a single planet orbits slowly. Who would establish a colony on such a remote world, and more importantly who would defend it? Is it pirates, smugglers, corporations looking to exploit their workers to make a larger profit? Perhaps a cult leader looking to steal their follower’s money and use their position for much more? Add the exact map you want to add that extra spice to your space fights. Star Battles: Solo Planet Space Battle Map is a beautiful backdrop for your game as it inspires your gamers.

What You Get

You get a single map measuring 2030 x 1330 pixels in JPG format. This beautiful map is perfect for any roleplaying game including Starfinder, Traveller, Stars Without Numbers, and many, many others. The image can be added to any virtual tabletop including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Map Tool, d20Pro, Astral, and more.

Star Battles: Solo Planet Space Battle Map (VTT)

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