Werebear of Mielikki – Developable Character Option

Large paw prints on the path you are following indicate a large brown bear, actually no problem for someone like you. Nevertheless, you have a bad feeling ever since you relieved the farmer in the small settlement of his few pieces of silver. As night falls, you hear the roar of a bear nearby, yet you think you can interpret a human word into this roar… it will be the last thing you will hear in your life for you do not see the Greataxe flying towards you.

Ei Gude!

After I finally released the character option of playing a Werewolf of Selûne I now present to you a similar option for a Werebear of Mielikki. Since the bear is not evil in nature, I had to puzzle some things out, but I think it went pretty good! Sometimes very harsh in its judgement, knowing no mercy for those that do evil in its realm of influence and with a deep understanding what it means to be good; the werebear is a typical vigilant, almost never encountered somewhere else than in the wilderness.

It’s still pretty overpowered, but has some twists to it, limitations and just variations I figured to be neat. Feedback is very welcome! 

Oh and by the way, you don’t have to worship Mielikki but can just use a different deity you see fitting or which is existent in the setting you play. 

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