Adventures of the Avowed

Adventures of the Avowed is an anthology of adventures and NPCs for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, inspired by the classic dungeon romps of DnD’s early roots. Fight a collection of baked creations come alive, deal with an ink demon in an old library, navigate a magical simulation twisted by fire, and more!


Adventures of the Avowed is a 72-page digital PDF that includes the following:


  • Eight Candlekeep-affiliated adventures set across the Sword Coast, or re-adapt the adventures into your own campaign setting.
  • Eight beautiful, full-color battlemaps ready for play for print or VTT.
  • Six NPCs unique to Candlekeep who can help bring your party to new heights.
  • Five new monsters.
  • Over 12 pieces of gorgeous original artwork by the supremely talented Gerardo Gutierrez and Toby of Bughop Designs.




Writers/Designers: Alex LeFort, TJ Phoenix, Jess Pendley, Keith Pendley

Editing: Laura Jordan

Cover Art: Gerardo Gutierrez

Interior Art: Toby Blanchard, Gerardo Gutierrez

Cartography: TJ Phoenix, using assets from Forgotten Adventures

This product is priced at $14.95


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