…I beg of you, if he attempts to contact you, you must not reply, under any circumstances. Please…

They say that the mountain is magical, spiritual. Standing there, I couldn’t help but feel it too…

…A thick fog creeps over the Yorkshire coast, smothering whole towns. It claimed another only yesterday, yet already I struggle to remember its name…

There is nothing quite like getting a letter through your door full of exciting tales of adventure and intrigue.

Epistolary is a “play-by-post” role-playing game in a very traditional sense. Players write letters, in character, and send them to each other through the post. A game of Epistolary takes place over several weeks – or even months – of real time, corresponding to the same amount of time within the game world.

In Epistolary, the player characters work together to solve a mystery and prevent something terrible from happening. There is no game master or lead player: the details of the threat, and of the characters’ plans to overcome it, are created collaboratively through the exchange of letters as the game is played.


  • A GM-less role-playing game for two or more players
  • Asynchronous play: no need to organise sessions
  • Truly collaborative: no player has complete information or control
  • Beautiful artwork by Kira Smith and William Kerr
  • Letter-writing guide and sample letters

This product is priced at $6.93


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