Micro Tails: March 2021

Hello, Readers and Gamers! Welcome to the first issue of Micro Tails zine! And yes, for those of you wondering, TAILS is the intended spelling! It is a reference to a running character who will appear throughout the magazine issues–Sylvia Tails. Her adventures, and those of fellow heroes she encounters, will drive the fiction and game elements you are going to experience here!

Each issue of the Micro Tails zine will include a short story to introduce you to the current adventure, a new premade playable character from the story, a dungeon scenario connected to the story, and finally a new wonderful and mystical item for you to find and use!

This first issue, being the month of Saint Patrick’s Day 2021, focuses on the elements of luck, gold, and–of course–a wicked and evil fey-like leprechaun! If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you will know how much I love holidays and love creating works based around seasonal adventures. There is so much inspiration for creativity and roleplaying in the very world we live in. I hope you can find the magic in every day as well. Especially right now in this upturned world! Happy gaming!

-Noah Patterson

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