Mythic Actions (Monster Manual) (Fantasy Grounds)



Now for Fantasy Grounds!

“As the final blow is dealt, the tyrannical creature falls to the ground drifting in and out of consciousness. Its dream exacting revenge on the foul creatures that dared stand up to it becomes reality and a horrid form stands in front of you combining mouths, teeth and eyestalks on a fleshy foundation that roughly resembles the shape of a Beholder. With a raging growl, deathly rays fill the room.”

-Mythic Beholder

This Fantasy Grounds Module is based on the PDF that reached Silver best seller in less than 6 days.

When legendary is not enough, the monsters are turning mythic! Will your battles become an epic tale of victory or a diastrous tragedy?

Inside this module you will find mythic actions for every monster with legendary actions on the Monster Manual! These include the:

Aboleth                   Kraken
Solar                       Lich
Beholder                Mummy Lord
Death Tyrant          Androsphynx
Demilich                 Gynosphynx
Dracolich                Tarrasque
Adult Dragons        Unicorn
Ancient Dragons     Vampire




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.