The Smog of Arbax – Part Two – Cyneburg (The Castle)

The Smog of Arbax – Part TwoCyneburg (The Castle)

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Your lantern burns enchanted oil and its soft glow keeps the Smog of Arbax at bay. Huddled within the circle of light, you advance into the barren arratu and follow the ancient stone road along the riverbank. Presently the river snakes around a low hill which you mount to discover scattered stone ruins. Now knee high at most, the rubble of the walls shows where a keep and a small settlement once stood. Your map identifies this spot as the site of the ancient castle of Cyneburg. Searching among the ruins, you notice a faint glow rising up from the ground into the surrounding smog. You approach and find a trap door in the flagstones, flung open to reveal a stairway spiralling down. A light emanates from below and the air down there appears clear, as if something prevents the toxic purplish mists from penetrating underground. You gather your courage and descend the stairway into the depths.

The Smog of Arbax is an introductory adventure module for use with Worlds Without Number. The scenario comprises four parts: 1) Burggeat (The Gatehouse), 2) Cyneburg (The Castle), 3) Hearg (The Temple), and 4) The Hive.

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