VTT Battlemaps – Mountain Shrine

Greetings brave adventurer! This pack contains the full set of battlemaps of three mountainous areas with the ruins of a long forgotten temple perched atop the ragged peaks.

These three have 2 subtly different versions with three different times of day for each (Day, Evening and Night). All have a grid and a no grid option.

Map 1 is a sacrificial altar overlooking the forests and plains of the lands below. The second varian replaces the altar with a sacrificial pit, complete with the bones of the lost civilisation’s many offerings.

Map 2 is the bridge leading from the gated walls protecting the temple to the main square. The varian has the bridge destroyed by simply by age, or maybe some unknown force.

Map 3 has a walkways surrounding a lake into which a waterfall dumps many gallons of fresh water from an underground source. Variant 2 replaces the waterfall with a stone walkway leading into the depths of the mountain.

There are 2 file formats for each of these versions:

Ultra high quality (8K) image files for casting to a screen.

VTT quality (under 10MB) image files for use with virtual tabletop software.

A sample of these are below.

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

This product is priced at $3.95


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