Wereboar of Gruumsh- Developable Character Option

Ei Gude!

Yet another werecreature! I finally decided to make a small series of the standard werecreatures, developable and less OP.  After releasing the Werewolf of Selûne and the Werebear of Mielikki, both appear in my homebrew campaign, I figured why not continue the work. 

The Wereboar of Gruumsh has fraternised with the orcs (or at least their god) to bring destruction and war to the wilderness, never ending lust for violence as its motivation. It is not supposed to be chaotic evil in the sense that it always recklessly attacks everything, but that its actually plotting and weighing its chances if it has to. We wanna have it playable!

You don’t have to worship Gruumsh for this character option to work, it can be any evil deity of destruction / war / slaughter, or even a demon! You also have to play it in a purely evil fashion, but maybe as a more brutal and less inherently good werebear; unforgiving guardian of nature. 

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