BEOWULF: Horror at Herrogate


Word reaches our Hero that the remote fishing settlement of Herrogate, and the treasure seat of its lord Thorfinn, are plagued by a dreadful dréag. But is all quite as it seems?

Pages from Herrogate

Masterfully written by Marco Rafalà (The One Ring RPG, Star Trek Adventures, Lex Arcana) and beautifully illustrated by Jon Hodgson (The One Ring RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Historical), Horror at Herrogate is suitable for Heroes of level 3 to 4.

Full use of the scenario requires the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes book, though there are plenty of ideas to mine for other settings.

The Dreag!

Horror at Herrogate includes:
• Three (optional to use) poster-sized battle maps
• VTT tokens
• New Follower cards
• A separate PDF of NPC portraits to show players

About BEOWULF: Age of Heroes
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes presents duet play for one GM and one player in an epic mythic setting of migration era Europe (also known as “The Dark Ages”).

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