Trouble in Wealdham

Wealdham is a sleepy, quiet town located in the Westwood.
Nothing ever happens in Wealdham, until Waterdeep necromancer Faurius Besk decides to test his latest invention near the town…

Trouble in Wealdham is a 4 hour adventure for Tier 1 Characters (optimized for APL 3). It can be run as a one-shot, as part of an existing campaign, or even to launch a new campaign to defeat Faurius. Chapter 5 includes a section on how to weave this adventure into a new or existing campaign.

In addition to the full-color 24-page adventure you will also receive:

  • A printer-friendly version
  • High-Res Wealdham town map
  • High-Res Dungeon map
  • A PDF with pre-generated characters that fit perfectly into the adventure

Trouble in Wealdham was playtested extensively and the current version is the result of the feedback of all participating players.


This product is priced at $4.95


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