100 Books to Find on an Ifrian Bookshelf

Books can be a source of useful and important knowledge, but libraries are not filled with books that can be described as such. Shelves will also hold books that are less useful; religious tracts, legends, histories, biographies, memoirs, scientific works and fiction. This supplement adds 100 different books that a GameMaster can use to flesh out a bookshelf. All the titles, apart from proper names, are given in English, even though the authors hail from the different countries of Ifri, for ease of use. Whether or not an individual book has anything useful in-game is up to the GM; books can be founts of misinformation as well as knowledge.

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  • Khemet in Dance by Tefnakht (How the stories of Khemet are passed down through the generations through ceremonial dances)
  • Kingdoms of Mbey by Nafissatou (An overview of the different kingdoms that make up Mbey, now dated as it was written before the current troubles)
  • Land of Many Tongues by Zina Idili (An attempt to catalogue and study all the different languages of Aksum and how they are related to each other)
  • Legends of the Black Ship by Hamelmal Biruh (Tales from those who have seen the Black Ship, a xebec made of bone, sinew and flesh that has been seen on the four Cardinal Rivers and at sea)
  • Lovers of War by Bakary (On the Igodomigodoese and their apparent love of conflict)

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