Buried at Oarsea

Designed for an adventuring party of three to five 1st-level characters, Buried at Oarsea is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure centered in the coastal town of Bridge-on-Prospekt, beginning with the discovery of a body in the harbor and ending with a confrontation with the murderer. By the end of the adventure the players should be 9th level or higher. To run this adventure, you will need the fifth edition Players Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual.

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Civil Protection has just received an anonymous tip: there’s a body in the harbor. Your characters are charged with investigating the murder in some way. Choose from one of the following backgrounds (or go your own path)…

The Police. Whether you’re a detective from Civil Protection, the new local sheriff, or a special agent from the powers that be: you are the law. Solving this mystery is your job.

I am the law.

The Mercenary. A charismatic commune leader has hired you to find out who killed his son. Giving him a satisfactory answer will earn you your cash. You may be a private eye, a bounty hunter, a member of the commune, a vagabond adventurer, or something else.

It’s the boss.

The One He Knew. You were close with the victim. You may have been his friend, rival, confidante, lover, or enemy. You seek answers.

I know you, too.

The Neighbor. You live in or near Bridge-on-Prospekt, and something about this case rubs you the wrong way. Maybe you’re concerned about this town. Maybe you’ve got no faith in the cops. This you know: it can only be you.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

The Prime Suspect. This won’t look good for you. The police will think you did it. So prove your innocence. Or at least make yourself too useful to arrest.

The fugitive.

A Manor on a Hill


This adventure is meant to be entirely player-instigated. There’s only one assigned task: find out what happened to our victim. How the investigation gets there is up to the investigators. It would take a great deal of effort for a Game Master to railroad.

Problems have metrics of success. Dilemmas are choices of priority. Vascillate between the two, step by step.

Bridge-on-Prospekt (and all the areas around it) is stylized as an enormous dungeon, complete with maps and handouts and new foes to face. Every room has a clue — and each clue is guarded by locks, ghosts, hostile hoteliers, or worming dreams too sinister to comprehend. It’s all yours to explore. And only you can put the pieces together.

Vacilar: Move along all vectors.

Lands of the RemEncountersLanguages and Religions


Oarsea is a land where the dead are made into Paper, so their memories and spirits live on forever in art and poetry. But the Paper Men are fading, replaced by automata, railroads, flintlocks, and the Iron Drake.

Stretch the fabric.

Awareness and focus.This adventure also comes with a simple original setting that both informs the mystery and speaks to our world, here and now. It includes a new race, the Auto, as well as wholly inventive new deities, new languages, unique lands and biomes, and prompts for adventures across the wider world. (This setting is optional — it is not required to play the game.)

Seeing and looking.

Content warning: this adventure includes hard drugs, violence, mass incarceration, and all the things that come when a land isn’t owned by the people who live on it.

Bad air.

Missing PersonsBridge-on-Prospekt DowntownNote from M

I will kill again.

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