DB Ki Master Class

As a collaboration between The Dungeon Coach and The Loading Crew, we hope you enjoy this anime inspired Class and Race collaboration between the two channels. These races and classes are created with an immense love and respect of the inspirational material and the goal of this document is meant to be to capture the look and feel of those anime tropes while still keeping true to 5e gaming and storytelling methods. For a complete experience please be sure to purchase both “Anime Races: DB Edition” from The Loading Crew and “Ki Master Class” from The Dungeon Coach over on dmsguild.com.

Anime Races for DB Characters

Whether it be flying at supersonic speeds, screaming at the top of your lungs, making silly martial arts moves, or creating larger than life techniques, these anime tropes are an inspiration to countless media sources throughout the years. Those storytelling devices are a natural fit for the world of role playing games and these books will help you achieve that dream of creating that high flying shonen protagonist you’ve all been hoping to achieve. Both the Ki Master class and the anime races presented will introduce certain unique mechanics that while seemingly out of place at first can be easily implemented into any 5e game with minimal difficulty or stress.

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