Logger’s Rest: A Practical & Concise Guide

Logger’s Rest is a small logging town located off the beaten track deep in the Rusted Wilds, a fey-touched forest, and now it’s yours to drop into any campaign!

The Practical & Concise Guides are a series of brochures published in my homebrew world to help the citizens of one of the major cities understand what goes out in other areas of the kingdom.

The guides work as a fantastic tool in your GM kit, but also work as handouts for your players.

Logger’s Rest: A Practical & Concise Guide is the first release in the new Practical & Concise Guide series – locations to quickly drop into any TTRPG setting, including local lore, adventure hooks, a map, details on demographics and governance, merchants, and more!

Initially designed as a single page PDF to be printed at A3 to be folded to into a zine, but also includes an accessible 3 page PDF for those who prefer digital.

Folding the Zine

The internet is filled with instructions for folding a single page zine, so I have not included any instructions. I have included tiny folding guides that should help find the right spots to fold.

Due to the varied margins of printers there is a chance you will not get perfect alignment without trimming the left and right sides. I recommend folding the centre lines first, and then using the guides across the quarters to find the correct places to fold, then trimming any excess.

Please feel free to ask for help here or @bardzilla_ on Twitter if you’re having trouble!

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