Starship Town – Spaceport Map (30×30)

Fort Rohuto is a small spaceport build around a salvaged star cruiser Rohuto. The ship is partially dismantled and cannibalized for parts and materials to build the fortifications and refineries around the ship. Fort Rohuto is controlled by a small crime lord clan that has taken over the local crystal mines. The crystals contain small amounts of a highly addictive psychoactive drug called zulum-tuk and it is refined and sold by the Rohuto clan to local Kozerog cartel controlling the sector.

The crystal mines are going deeper and deeper following the crystal vein and the excavations are close to breaching the wall to an ancient temple hidden inside the mountain.

This 30×30 map comes with four theme variants:
– Forest day
– Forest night
– Alien jungle
– Black & white

This product is priced at $4.99


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