The Darkest House FREE PREVIEW

You’ve seen this house before. If not in this city, then in some other. You’ve heard the rumors—and if not, well, someday they’ll find you.

What happens to a house when it sits alone for so many long years? What jealousies and hatreds does it quietly nurture? What whispers echo through its empty hallways? What waits, crouched within its dark rooms, hungering for the return of life?

For you.

The Darkest House is an entirely new type of RPG product. It’s uniquely optimized for online play. It’s compatible with your current campaign. And it’ll scare the socks off your players!

The Darkest House is an entirely new type of tabletop RPG product. It’s made for the game you’re playing right now, to be integrated neatly into your campaign regardless of the setting or game system. And it’s an entirely new product type uniquely optimized for online play—not just to make it easier, but to take advantage of the format’s particular strength.

The Darkest House will add depth and strengthen the bonds of your characters, your party, and the campaign you’re currently playing. Along the way, you’ll immerse your gaming group in an incredible horror experience unlike anything you’ve encountered before!

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The Darkest House preview runs on Mac OS or Windows.


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