Time Heist

World-renowned, award-winning RPG writer/designer Eddy Webb brings you a fast-pased introductory adventure for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

Apes… why did it have to be apes?!

Time Heist is an adventure for 3-5 Standard Level heroes, introducing some key Villains from the Pinnacle City Universe (PCU) while giving new players a solid first-time-out adventure experience for the game mechanics. Time Heist is an adventure in three parts: 

  • Part One: A bank heist with a time manipulating speedster named Crime Spree.

  • Part Two: Innocent people and animals in the way at the local zoo as Shard wrecks havoc and tries to get in the way of the Heroes.

  • Part Three: The exciting conclusion as a horde of apes and simians, led by the myterious “Mister X,” finally reveals the crucial plot to dominate the future from the past.

This product includes a “coloring book” set of images featuring the key villains of the setting for you to color as you will!

This product is priced at $2.95


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