Trial of the Wine Lord

Welcome to Trial of the Wine Lord, an adventure in the Tales of the Infinite Planes series highlighting the different parts of the multiverse! In this scenario, characters find themselves in the unlikely position of defending Bacchus, Lord of Wine, in a trial for his life against elven accusations on the plane of Arborea. To prove Bacchus guilty or innocent, the party must venture out into the passionate wilderness in search of a sacred jug and water, but who is trying to stop them? The adventure is designed for a group of 3rd-level characters, but can be adjusted without too much difficulty for higher- or lower-level characters.

A copy of Codex of the Infinite Planes is suggested to help add background to the plane, but it is not required to run the adventure. In addition, the default hook for the adventure involves the World Serpent Inn, a sprawling tavern occupying its own plane of existence. More details can be found in Infinite Doors of the World Serpent, including using the World Serpent Inn as a group patron. Both of these products can be found on the DMsGuild.

Monster statistics from sources outside the Monster Manual are listed with an asterisk (*) and reprinted in the adventure Appendix.

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