30×20 Battlemap – Battle of Yarudania 2 Volcanic Mine

Battle of Yarudania 2 Volcanic Mine

Flying embers make the supercharged air painful to breathe. It smells like burned hair and roasted meat. The scorched bodies of guards lie amidst fires smouldering on the steel mining rig, coated so thickly in black soot that it’s hard to see the steel beneath. 

The sound of breaking glass tinkles and cracks throughout the cavern as the lava slowly churns below. Occasionally rocks break and tumble away from the wall, landing in the molten stone with a splash and intense heatwaves. 

Charred barrels and crates once stored essential supplies for the miners, while a rusty fan squeaks persistently; working ceaselessly to make the air breathable. 

Patched, ramshackle dwellings burn in the wreckage of a battle…

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