40×30 Battlemap – Lover’s Temple

Lover’s Temple

Within a stone cave waits the warm and welcoming Lover’s Temple. Filled with plush red nooks, beds, carpets and pillows, flowers and scented candles, every inch of it honours the Goddess of Love. A large cellar is filled with barrels of exotic wines for its patrons, while a heated pool is excellent for relaxing in. 

A large prayer room with statues of the Goddess of Love is lit by torches held in their stone hands, while secret corridors lead to different rooms. The reception is filled with benches, books and scrolls, and a magnificent chamber with another pool is filled with stone columns, ferns and wildflowers. Private rooms welcome more shy guests, the carpet soft, and the scented sheets inviting. The whole temple smells like ylang ylang, orange, and clary sage. 

Adventure Seed

A short, balding nobleman has paid you to pick up a potion from The Temple of Love that will restore his romantic vigor, despite his old age. He’s doing so for his younger wife, who heard about the potion from her relationship guidance sessions with the head priest at the temple. 

He really wants to make this night special for his wife, as it’s the yearly Day of Love. She’s been putting in so much extra effort to rekindle the spark in their marriage, dressing nicer, asking him when he’ll be home more, trying exciting new things in bed… He really wants to make this wonderful for her. This potion is the last thing he needs to top off his arrangements. 

When you arrive at the temple the head priest, Roberto, greets you warmly. He is over six foot, with long brown hair, tanned skin, rippling muscles and a most spectacularly hairy chest. He invites you inside, as they are performing their annual celebration of this Day of Love—once it is complete, he will get you the potion you require. 

You join a crowd of men and women from the town below further in, who are watching two priestesses sing prayers and throw flowers to the statues of the Goddess of Love. But, as Roberto enters, one of the attending women steps forward. She loudly proclaims that she can’t stand the secrecy anymore, that she loves Roberto. Her husband, still in the crowd behind her, lets out a roar. 

Roberto’s magnificent tan pales as a second woman steps forward, then a third, then a fifth, all claiming that that they, too, love Roberto. The women, looking around and seeing each other, begin to start fighting amongst themselves. But Roberto’s eyes are fixed on the seething mass of husbands surging towards him, with murder in their eyes. 

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Roberto has been doing his duty by the Goddess of Love with most of the unsatisfied wives in the town—including that of the man who hired you, who has no idea what his wife has done. 

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