100 Pulp Mythos Characters v5

Sometimes you need to create a character “on the fly”. Whether it’s an NPC that your players are about to meet or to help you create scenarios, all you need is a spark of lightning to stimulate your imagination.


100 Pulp Mythos Characters vol.5 is a generic companion volume to roleplaying games with a modern/1920 background (Call of Cthulhu, Kids on bikes…). Characters described in this book have detailed statistics described in percentages, largely compatible with Call of Chtululu v7, as well as 1920 occupations and character traits. With the information provided, you can use these characters as they are, or use them as a solid basis for building more advanced characters.


Example of outcome:

11. PERCY WHITE (53), Big Game Hunter
Goal:Love Traits:Vigilant
STR:45 CON:55 SIZ:85 DEX:75 APP:40 EDU:85 INT:60 POW:40 LUK:30
HP:14 SAN:40 MP:12 DODGE:38 MOV:7 Credit Rating:23
Competences: Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun):77 Listen:77 Natural World:62 Navigate:62 Survival:62 Science (Biology):53 Stealth:72 Track:62


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